Advantages of a WPF App

For starters, WPF has proven to be much faster than WinForms to develop applications and as it stands the productivity level that can be reached with WPF is impressive. With the purpose of to enhancing the user experience some fancy features have been added to WPF, features that WinForms do not have such as animation, gradients, image display effects and others.

What makes WPF so much better has to be the databinding support which is truly amazing. Users that accustomed themselves with WPF encourage people to check out the technology to see if it is right for them as a developer but bear in mind that the learning curve is huge. You can either learn by books or by videos it is your choice, however either way it is recommended to install the SciChart application as they are currently have the best support available and with their product you can create charts out of big chucks of data extremely fast.

Ultimately it is every developer’s call whether to go down the WPF charts road, however as any bumpy road in life this one can also be very rewarding. You only have to learn how to use it once, preferably through the SciChart WPF application, and once you get the hang of things there’s not much that you can’t do.

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